Reasons Why Sales Force Automation Software is the Way to Go

sales-automation_bannerSales Force Automation software is a powerful tool that improves your company’s revenue by increasing sales win rates, enhancing the sales representatives’ productivity and reducing the sales cycle duration. It doesn’t matter if your company is a one man show or a large multinational corporation selling hundreds of products, this software is designed so that a lot of the necessary but time consuming tasks associated with selling are eliminated.

sales-force-automation1Today’s world has become very competitive with higher customer expectations, increased inventory of complex products, an ever expanding customer base and an expanding sales force. A centralized, automated system will eliminate much of the tedious work processes which will free up your sales team to focus on what they do best – increasing sales. SFA Solutions range from software as a service to in-house solutions and it is important to select the right one for your business. Your SFA will help your business by:

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1.Saving Time

As many time consuming but absolutely necessary tasks are automated by the SFA system, sales people are enabled to really focus on getting sales. The SFA system automates menial sounding tasks like scheduling sales appointments, tracking contacts, dispatching follow up emails and letters and updating sales opportunities. As having a sales automation system will enable the sales team to quickly generate estimates, these can quickly be converted into proposals and eventually orders.

The system also enables the team to keep a track on customers’ orders so that the clients can be notified when their purchase will be delivered. Why this is great is because if a customer contacts the team asking about their product, all the information will be at the fingertips of the salesperson and allow them to reassure the client of when the product will be delivered to them. This increases the customer experience and overall client satisfaction.

2.Better Customer Service

As all information will be centralized and automated, a salesperson will have all the information at the click of a button. This means prompt replies with clear answers which serve to instill confidence of the client in your company. This also helps train newer trainees if the sales rep is travelling abroad or is no longer with the company.

3.Increases Revenue

By using the SFA system, the sales team is freed up to allow them to make more sales calls which in turn generate more income for the business, thereby increasing profits. It’s like a snowball or a domino effect – every action has a reaction down the line. Managers and supervisors can monitor which customers deliver the highest profits or buy the largest variety of products so that the department can use this information on target the customer with relevant products based on the customer’s past and accurate purchasing history.

4.Seizing opportunities

Businesses have to be on top in this extremely competitive environment. The SFA system monitors competitors’ activities to allow you to act on any opportunity that may present itself. SFA systems allow the tracking of prospective customers, their executives as well as any possible meetings and matches between your offerings and prospects’ needs. Duplicated data entry and out of date filing is eliminated and the productivity of each sales call can be analyzed.

5.Managing the Sales Team

With easy and immediate access to the salesperson’s activities, sales record, customer feedback and other factors that are contribute towards the overall success, sales managers can have a clearer idea of the performance of the sales team.

This also enables them to pinpoint individuals for certain tasks, on selecting an employee who can bring in the sale as opposed to another employee.


eBay Sales Assistant Software

EBay is an American E-commerce company that provides Business-to-Consumer or Consumer -to- Consumer sales via the internet. While buyers are not charged a fee, sellers are charged a transaction fee as well as a listing fee. EBay’s revenue model works when a seller lists their product on eBay and when it is sold as the company gets up to 10% of the final sale amount.

ebaypower_zps1171446fEBay has a complex revenue system which utilizes a system for listing product features, fees for services and final value fee of sales proceeds. To manage such a huge company, one that generates billions of dollars of revenue each year, it is important to have an EBay Sales assistant that can help make the whole experience better. EBay has certain tools that automate the listing and inventory management process so that you, as a customer can list your products in bulk, manage inventory across many channels, manage payments and process all orders in a timely manner.

EBay Listing Tools

turbo-lister_1 (1)1.Turbo Lister

This is a free listing tool that will give the seller the access to upload items in bulk and also enables you to edit them. This creates a professional looking listing that would help generate sales better as well includes a search tool that can help sellers find items faster. Sellers can control their listings better through special views and also allows you to develop and save listing templates. Not only is it absolutely free, as a seller you can do so much with Turbo Lister. You can list multiple items at the same time, edit, revise, relist, change formats and so much more.

2.Selling Manager

You can track your sales status, create and manage your product listings efficiently and easily. It is now possible to perform post-sales tasks like leaving Feedback and printing shipping labels from one central location which is an ideal selling situation for sellers who want to experience an efficient way of selling their products. As a seller, you can use this tool to work for your business to monitor your sales more efficiently and the best thing is that it is absolutely free!

3.Selling Manager Pro

This is the upgrade to the Selling Manager. It sells some powerful extras that could help you as a seller maximize your selling efficiency and various other automated features. Although there is a charge for buying this item, you can get it for free with Premium and Anchor-level eBay stores subscriptions.

Apart from the above mentioned tools which eBay has for increasing sales for its sellers, it also used to have its Trading Assistants which shut down and also have their eBay Selling Assistant.

What is eBay’s Selling Assistant?

This program sees company employees pick up items from other people’s homes and sell those items on eBay. Even though it sounds dodgy, Director of Consumer Business Vikram Singh said that there was an overwhelming demand for such services. Its pilot test phase yielded good results but the above tools have made the lives of sellers much easier.

EBay Valets

You have a product to sell but you don’t have the time or the patience to list it out and deal with the hassle that comes later? With the eBay Valet system, you just need to have a product. That could be anything, from clothes to electronics or collectibles and ship it out for free to the valets at eBay. The only thing you have to do is to print a prepaid shipping label and box up your product and send it to the eBay valets without any charges being placed on you. That’s it. You sit back, relax and let the valets do all the work and you get up to 80% of the earnings.

Automated Sales Software

Businesses these days are growing faster than the size or the manpower can handle. When you look at big conglomerates like Wal-Mart or even something as simple as your local supermarket, you’ll see that many of the transactions are automated. Imagine if a person had to write down in a log book how many items were sold and how many were in inventory – that would be a person’s duty for the whole day just to check on those details. Doing a job like that would have been okay back in the early last century when stores were the size of our houses and the shopkeepers would’ve known the inventory for each product. In today’s globally connected world, it is not realistic to expect that from the store employees, especially when excellent client service is expected and the size of businesses are growing steadily.

What is sales automation software?

This is a type of program that automates various business tasks like tracking of customer interactions, inventory control, sales processing and analyzing sales forecasts and their performance. Many businesses can have these software custom developed for their companies or they can choose from the variety of options that are available. Sales Automation Software is also known as Sales Force Automation (SFA) or Customer Relations Management (CRM) software.

What features would the software include?

These packages usually include an e-mail package which the businesses can use for their official communications, a Web-ready database so that the information can be accessed from anywhere and customizable templates so that the client can make the package to reflect his own company. A typical package would use a three tier structure to separate the server, database and application so that the amount of programming demands is reduced for the client.

Types of SFA packages

This is a free CRM software package released by Oracle in August 2000 that makes information such as contacts, performance tracking and schedules accessible online through the database program which will be included in the CRM package. This package is aimed at reaching the medium to large companies which have a mobile workforce. The data is stored at an Oracle Facility which enables the data to be accessed by the user from any location via the internet without the use of specialized hardware or software. The package also includes staff training to get them familiar with it.

ACTforWeb22.Interact Commerce’s ACT!

This has been the number one best seller for over 25 years and offers a variety of features to keep you and your business prepared for every interaction. It delivers easy to use E-Marketing features and powerful customer and contact management so that all you have to do is only focus on growing your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual doing business, a small company or you have an entire sales team – this software organizes prospective and existing client details in one space, helps to send emails more effectively, drives sales results and markets your products and services more effectively no matter where you are. You can try it for free and if you subscribe to it, you get the latest features and services, expert support and you get to choose the plan you want for your business as per your business needs.

3.GoldMine Software’s GoldMine

This is Award winning software and is a leader in managing contacts for over 25 years and its newest release is compatible with the latest version of Windows 10 and MS Office 2016. It offers easier mobile access with shared licensing. Its Intuitive Interface is perfect for users who are trying it out for the first time. It’s affordable but simple to use software is a tried and tested one that has proven to be popular with many businesses worldwide.